Filled with imagination

Gumbeki (Buttonetts) are colorful and modular stuffed toys that encourage creativity and enhance motor skills through play.

They come in parts so each child can create their own toy.

Each toy consists of seven individual parts that are joined together with buttons.

Arranging different forms helps to develop imagination and creativity, and the use of buttons is a great stimulus for the development of fine motor skills.

A Gumbek (Buttonett) comes to life when skilled hands assemble the parts into a unique character, monster or animal.

Contrary to popular belief, Gumbeki (Buttonetts) don’t hurt when they are disassembled.

For a Gumbek (Buttonett), there is no greater pleasure than becoming a character that no one has seen or touched before.

After all that assembling and disassembling, a well-deserved dream follows … in which the fun just continues.

Gumbeki are made
of materials of different colors and textures, which give good stimuli for the development of sensory

Take a photo with a Gumbek (Buttonett) and get a discount on your next purchase in Kištra! You can send us photos by e-mail on info@kistra.hr or via social networks.


Imagine. Assemble. Dream.

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